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In the UK, a patient doesn't need to meet their doctor to get a prescription. This opens up a great opportunity for an online business where patients can order medicine from home.

The challenge for us was to peel off and remove anything that was not absolutely essential for the user experience. We wanted to create a simple and clear ordering experience for medication, so we decided that main part we wanted the user to interact with was the large search field resting in the hero section. The start page in return is colorful, with illustrations to match.

The search field is intelligent, lightning fast and presents appropriate products as the customer types what they are looking for. It matches and suggest both on medicine and condition. If the user is searching for one specific medication, we also suggest alternative medication that might have the same effect.


Easy to use product page — Medications exists with different dosages, so we had to find a way to intuitively display the different variants but make sure we keep the simplicity and ease-of-use that we wanted Treated to represent.

Below the variations and badges the customer can get detailed information about the product, side effects and questions and answers they may have.

Product page

Choosing your practitioner — One interesting concept we worked on was the option to choose which practitioner you wanted to have as your doctor, for a fee. As a default option, you could just move on to the next step by choose the next one available but since your choice here impacts who you will deal with in the future you might want to pick one for yourself.

Different practitioners have different fees, but as a start we explored giving the customer three different choices to choose from where one whom was newly registered with Treated. Reviews were also available for those customers who wanted to be extra sure they make the right choice.

At the top here we also have a way for the customer to see the ordering process. Not all steps were displayed, because we still wanted to simplify the process for the customer.

Choose your doctor

The medical consultation — We provided a variety of different modules the client could use to interact with the customers to get the answers they needed before prescribing medicine.

Medical questionnaire

Optimization for devices and checking out — There can be many reasons to seek the help at an online pharmacy. The patient may feel that he/she does not have enough time to schedule an appointment with their regular MD, or maybe the issue is a so sensitive that the patient feels embarrassed to speak personally with an MD.

To make the shopping experience as easy as possible for the patient, it was important to be enable ordering from anywhere, at anytime, and from the pharmacy unit that suited the patient best. Therefore, we put on focus on the responsive aspect of the site from the very beginning.

Checkout page giving various options of payment and delivery.