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Dive logs are recorded in descending chronological order and divided by country and occasion. The data was gathered with a dive computer.

South Africa - Cape Town

The water in South Africa was around 13 degrees celsius and we had the opportunity to dive with Seals. I was diving with Into the Blue.

2018-10-13Justin's Cave7.5 kg41 min13.1 m10 ltr
2018-10-13Strawberry Rock8.0 kg43 min10.3 m10 ltr


Got my Advanced Open Water certificate with OK Diving Malta. First time seeing an octopus up close.

2018-09-21Ghar Lapsi4.0 kg60 min-10 ltr
2018-09-21Ghar Lapsi4.0 kg77 min-12 ltr
2018-09-20P-314.0 kg-19.4 m12 ltr
2018-09-20St. Maria Caves4.0 kg-12.8 m12 ltr
2018-09-19Cirkewwa (N)4.0 kg-17.5 m12 ltr
2018-09-19Um El Faroud4.0 kg52 min25.9 m12 ltr
2018-09-19Um El Faroud4.0 kg42 min30.3 m12 ltr
2018-09-18Shore (N)4.0 kg55 min6.5 m12 ltr
2018-09-18P294.0 kg37 min30.0 m12 ltr
2018-09-18Rosi4.0 kg41 min30.0 m12 ltr
2018-09-17St. Paul's Bay4.0 kg-7.0 m12 ltr
2018-09-17St. Paul's Bay5.0 kg-6.8 m12 ltr

Greece – Skopelos

Got my Open Water certification from Skopelos Dive Center.

2018-06-14Small Canyon7.0 kg42 min18.0 m12 ltr
2018-06-14Lift7.0 kg42 min18.0 m12 ltr
2018-06-12Limnonari7.0 kg40 min6.0 m10 ltr
2018-06-11Glifoneri9.0 kg50 min6.0 m10 ltr

Photo by Julian Dufort on Unsplash.